Turfgrass Science Team at the 2019 ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting

The Turfgrass Science team from the University of Minnesota was well-represented at this year’s ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meeting held on November 10-13, 2019 in San Antonio, TX.  Seven people gave oral presentations and five people presented posters. Additionally, congratulations go to two members of our group who placed in the graduate student oral presentation contests:

  • Garett Heineck was awarded 2nd place for his oral presentation in the Genetics and Molecular Techniques section of the C5 Division.
  • Ryan Schwab was awarded 3rd place for his oral presentation in the Golf Turf section of the C5 Division.

Below is a listing of all the oral presentations and posters along with links to the presentation abstracts and the poster PDF files.

Oral presentations

Increasing Competition in Perennial Ryegrass Selection Nurseries Bolsters Prediction Accuracy
Presented by Garett Heineck; co-authors Nancy Jo Ehlke, Kayla Altendorf and Eric Watkins

Wetting Agent Influence on Soil Water Repellency Parameters at Different Rootzone Temperatures
Presented by Ryan Schwab; co-authors Brian Horgan and Samuel Bauer

Improving Our Approach on How We Analyze Turfgrasses for Tolerance to Foliar Shade
Presented by Dominic Petrella; co-author Eric Watkins

Fine Fescues As Living Mulch in Minnesota Cropping Systems
Presented by Florence Sessoms; co-authors Eric Watkins, M. Scott Wells, Nancy Jo Ehlke, Dominic P. Petrella, Donn Vellekson and Alexander Hard

Unveiling Transcriptome Composition in Hexaploid Hard Fescue (Festuca brevipila) through Pacbio Isoform Sequencing
Presented by Yinjie Qiu; co-authors Cory Hirsch and Eric Watkins

Assessment of Tillering and Rhizomatous Growth in Strong Creeping Red Fescue
Presented by Nicole Mihelich; co-authors Dominic P. Petrella, Florence Sessoms, Laura M. Shannon and Eric Watkins

Natural Weed Suppression of Crabgrass Varies By Genotype and Field Management Practices
Presented by Jon Trappe; co-authors Eric Watkins, Dominic P. Petrella and Florence Sessoms


Environmental Impacts of Smart Irrigation and Mowing Height in Kentucky Bluegrass Lawns
By Daniel Sandor; co-authors Brian Horgan and Brian Davis
Poster PDF

Precision Irrigation for Golf Courses Using Sensor and Mapping Technologies
By Chase Straw; co-authors Joshua Friell and Brian Horgan
Poster PDF

Minnesota Regional Roadside Seed Bank Analysis
By Dominic Christensen; co-authors Joshua Friell, Jacob Jungers, Jon M. Trappe and Eric Watkins
Poster PDF

Optimum Seeding Rate and Biomass Removal Timing for No-Mow Fine Fescue Golf Course Roughs
By Ryan Schwab; co-authors Eric Watkins, Andrew Hollman, Brian Horgan and Samuel Bauer
Poster PDF

Developing Online Education and Training for Installation and Management of Roadside Turfgrasses
By Kristine Moncada; co-authors Jon M. Trappe, Samuel Bauer and Eric Watkins
Poster PDF