Seeding turf plots


Faculty and Extension

Nancy Ehlke Turfgrass Seed Production [email protected]
Eric Watkins Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics [email protected]
Jon Trappe Assistant Extension Professor [email protected]
Josh Friell Adjunct Assistant Professor [email protected]
Research Staff    
Andrew Hollman Senior Scientist [email protected]
Donn Vellekson Research Plot Coordinator (Seed Production) [email protected]
Florence Sessoms Scientist [email protected]
Kristine Moncada Scientist [email protected]
Gary Deters Lawn Water Conservation Educator [email protected]
Kim Tiber Research Field Facility Manager [email protected]
Ryan Schwab Research Technician [email protected]
Michael Barnes Researcher and Lecturer [email protected]
Jillian Turbeville Research Technician [email protected]
Katrina Freund Saxhaug Postdoctoral Associate [email protected]
Graduate Students    
Master of Science    
Jonathan Cors Genetic engineering [email protected]
Nicole Mihelich Fine fescue sod improvement [email protected]
Maicy Vossen Freezing stress tolerance in plants [email protected]