Irrigation Resources


Irrigation display at State Fair

Watering Wisdom Webinar series

The goal of this webinar series is to help homeowners have healthier lawns and more efficient irrigation systems. Video recordings of the webinars are listed below.  This series was created in partnership with the Metropolitan Council.

Helpful Information

For more information on irrigation, please visit the following:

Is your home lawn irrigation system working properly? - an article from UMN Extension

Water-saving strategies for home lawns - an article from UMN Extension

Green Grass with Less Blue - a video from University of Minnesota Extension and the Metropolitan Council

Too Much of a Good Thing: Watering Your Lawn and the Water Supply in the Twin Cities - a video from the Metropolitan Council

Water Irrigation Audit - a video from the city of Woodbury featuring Dr. Dan Sandor

Smart Irrigation Month - an article by Dr. Dan Sandor

Properly preparing irrigation systems for winter - an article by Dr. Dan Sandor

Twin Cities Lawn Irrigation Efficiency Study - a joint project between the UMN Turfgrass Science team and the Metropolitan Council

Resources for City Governments

With funding by the Metropolitan Council, our team has developed educational signs for cities in the metro area to download, add their logo, print, and use for their communities.  Please choose from the following:

Mow High

Give Your Lawn a Brain

Cement Won't Grow

Grow Easy Peasy Lawns

Green Grass with Less Blue