Golf Course Superintendent Phosphorus Certification

The Minnesota Phosphorus Lawn Fertilizer Law was enacted over a period of years starting in 2002, with the goal of reducing over-enrichement of rivers, lakes, and wetlands with the nutrient phosphorus. 

The Phosphorus law states that fertilizers containing phosphorus cannot be used on lawns and turf in Minnesota unless one of the following situations exists: 

  • A soil test or plant tissue test shows a need for phosphorus
  • A new lawn is being established by seeding or laying sod
  • Phosphorus fertilizer is being applied on a golf course by trained staff
  • Phosphorus fertilizer is being applied on farms growing sod for sale

More information on the Phosphorus Law can be found here: 

Since 2004, the University of Minnesota has provided face-to-face phosphorus training for golf course personnel seeking the exemption to apply phosphorus.  This training is now available to you via online lectures.  

Part 1: Turfgrass Fertility Basics


Part 2: Phosphorus Chemistry and Fate

To certify in phosphorus training, please view both Part 1 and Part 2 of the phosphorus training below and fill out the Attestment Form.