New research publications from our team - 11/08/21

Learn more about our research! Three research articles from our group have been published in the September/October 2021 issue of Crop Science.

  • Heineck, G.C., N.J. Ehlke, and E. Watkins. 2021. Predictive ability of perennial ryegrass spaced-plant nurseries for turfgrass and seed production swards in Minnesota. Crop Science 61(5):2997-3010. [Open Access]
  • Friell, J. and E. Watkins. 2021. Review of Cool‐Season Turfgrasses for Salt‐Affected Roadsides in Cold Climates. Crop Science 61(5):2893-2915. [Open Access]
  • D.P. Petrella, S. Bauer, B.P. Horgan, and E. Watkins. 2021. Exploring fine fescues as an option for low-input golf greens in the north-central USA. Crop Science 61(5):2949-2962.  [Open Access]

These articles are Open Access, meaning that online access is free to everyone. Below we also have listed previous blog posts from our site on related topics. Visit our Research Publications page for even more research articles by our group.

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