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New research publication from our team - 9/18/23

Learn more about our research! A new, open access article by Florence Breuillin-Sessoms, Dominic Petrella, Nancy Ehlke, Donn Vellekson and Eric Watkins has been published in the journal Crop Science. This article discusses the research in which several cultivars of Chewings, hard and strong creeping red fescue were interseeded with spring wheat to examine the potential of this method for seed production in northern Minnesota. Unfortunately, this cropping system did not seem optimal for fine fescue seed production so more research is needed. 

True armyworm moth trapping project in Roseau County

By Dave Grafstrom

In 2020, a widespread outbreak of true armyworm (Mythimna unipuncta), and the subsequent feeding, caused significant damage to perennial ryegrass seed fields in northwest Minnesota. Reported ryegrass seed yield losses ranged from 0 to over 80%. The most severe damage occurred over the July 4th weekend. The majority of the perennial ryegrass fields were sprayed once or twice for armyworms.

New research publications from our team - 11/08/21

Learn more about our research! Three research articles from our group have been published in the September/October 2021 issue of Crop Science.

Spring is finally here in northern MN!

Do you have an interest in turf and forage seed production systems in northwestern Minnesota? If yes, you should follow the Minnesota Turf Seed Council Newsletters! This newsletter is sent to producers and interested stakeholders from greenup through swathing. The first issue for 2021 has been published.

University of Minnesota Turfgrass team in the media – 2/25/21

Check out our team’s latest efforts in educating the public about our work. Some of our team are featured in an article in CFANS News!

Eric Watkins and Nancy Jo Ehlke were interviewed in an article, Seed money, on grass seed production in northern Minnesota.

New to our website - more content on turfgrass seed production

Did you know that the University of Minnesota conducts research on turfgrass seed production in northern Minnesota? If you are interested in learning more, our website now has information on Seed Production Research at Magnusson Research Farm.