New fine fescue resources from UMN Extension

UMN Extension now has new materials on everything you need to know to establish and maintain a fine fescue lawn! Are you interested in a lawn that needs less maintenance? Fine fescues might be what you're looking for. Not only do fine fescues have lower maintenance requirements, they have better tolerance for shade and are adapted to most growing conditions in Minnesota.

Eric Watkins and Kristine Moncada have compiled a guide on Planting and maintaining a fine fescue lawn as part of the Low Input Turf project sponsored by USDA-NIFA (Specialty Crop Research Initiative award number 2017-51181-27222). Be sure to check it out!

Mixture of strong creeping red fescue, slender creeping red fescue, Chewings fescue, and hard fescue seedlings at six days after seeding
A fine fescue seed mix several days after planting

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