We’re hiring - Turf Research Field Facility Manager!

Scenes from the UMN TROE field research facility
Photos by Gary Deters

NOTE: this position has been re-posted; please see the updated job description for more information.

Interested in joining our team? Do you have education and experience in managing turfgrass surfaces such as golf course or sports turf and operating turfgrass maintenance equipment or agricultural field machinery? The University of Minnesota Turfgrass Science group is hiring a Turf Research Field Facility Manager so apply today!

Position summary

This position primarily contributes to the field maintenance of The Turfgrass Research, Outreach and Education Center (TROE) at the University of Minnesota. This site includes both a USGA specification research green, a native soil research green, turfgrass research plots and turfgrass breeding nurseries, as well as an automated rain-out shelter that is used for research on turfgrass water-use and drought tolerance. In addition to facilities at TROE, other turfgrass research sites are located around the state of Minnesota. In the winter months, this position also includes maintenance of turfgrass research in controlled environments such as in the greenhouse and growth chambers. As our Facility Manager, you would support the management of research protocols under the general direction and oversight of the Project Investigator, as well as performing experimental procedures directed by other turfgrass researchers on the team.

Examples of work related to this position are:

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