New research publication from our team - 9/18/23

Learn more about our research! A new, open access article by Florence Breuillin-Sessoms, Dominic Petrella, Nancy Ehlke, Donn Vellekson and Eric Watkins has been published in the journal Crop Science. This article discusses the research in which several cultivars of Chewings, hard and strong creeping red fescue were interseeded with spring wheat to examine the potential of this method for seed production in northern Minnesota. Unfortunately, this cropping system did not seem optimal for fine fescue seed production so more research is needed. 

Breuillin-Sessoms, F., Petrella, D. P., Ehlke, N. J, Vellekson, D., and Watkins, E. 2023. Spring wheat canopy effects on light dynamics and yield of intercropped fine fescues. Crop Science, 63:3096–3109. [Open Access]