Kim Tiber

Spring 2024 at TROE Center

By Kim Tiber

It looks like spring is in full swing and things are getting busy at the Turfgrass Research and Outdoor Education (TROE) Center. We’ve recently gotten our irrigation system up and running for the year and have started mowing and applying herbicides and fertilizers.

Waiting for Winter

By Kim Tiber

Just like everyone else we’ve been waiting for winter to show up this year (Figure 1).

Seeding is a team effort

By Kim Tiber

Introducing Kim Tiber, Research Field Facility Manager

a woman wearing a blue sweater

Hello everyone, my name is Kim Tiber and I am the new Turfgrass Research Field Facility Manager at the University of Minnesota.


Attention: for media inquiries, please contact Dr. Jon Trappe <[email protected]>, UMN Turfgrass Extension Educator.