Introducing Shane Evans, Lawn Water Conservation Educator

March 26, 2020

by Shane Evans

profile picture of Shane Evans

Hello everyone, my name is Shane Evans and I am the new Lawn Water Conservation Educator with the Turfgrass Science group here at the University of Minnesota.  I am currently in my first month of work, and am looking forward to working with and interacting with the many organizations and homeowners of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

I recently completed my master’s project at Utah State University focusing on smart irrigation controllers and their use in residential landscapes.  During the project, I compared the amount of water applied by each controller and how the amount of water applied affected the health and overall “look” of the Kentucky bluegrass being grown. I hope my previous knowledge and experience will help me as I acclimate to Minnesota and the turf, soil and water issues associated with this area.

On an informal note, I tend to spend a lot of my time outside.  Sports have always kept me outside and active, but disc (frisbee) golf has slowly become my sport of choice.  Luckily the Twin Cities area has several courses and if you’re looking for a fun way to get outside, I suggest playing finding a course and playing a few holes.  If I’m not outside, you will most likely find me inside playing a board game with my wife and/or friends.

Again, I am excited to be here in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area, and I look forward to many friendships that will come as we work together to improve this wonderful area we call home.

This project is funded by the Metropolitan Council.  Please visit the Twin Cities Lawn Irrigation Study webpage on their site for more information about this project.