Come see us at the 2019 Minnesota State Fair!

By Dan Sandor

Two fairgoers looking at irrigation display at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair

It’s that time of the year – the Great Minnesota Get-Together kicks off this Thursday, August 22nd and runs through Labor Day, Sept 2nd. Members of our UMN Turf Team will be on hand all 12 days of the fair from 9am to 9pm in the CFANS wing (southwest hall) of the Agriculture Horticulture building located on the corner of Judson Ave and Underwood St.

Come visit our exhibit as we showcase a neighborhood of homes featuring water-wise practices for your lawn. In our neighborhood you’ll learn about low-input turfgrass alternatives to Kentucky bluegrass, such as the fine fescues. You will also learn about the importance of conducting irrigation audits to maximize the water-efficiency of your sprinkler system. Our neighborhood features improved tools and technologies like smart-irrigation controllers and soil moisture sensors, so come stop by and learn which technology is right for your sprinkler system.


State Fair display with turfgrass and weed examples in pots on a table

Don’t have a sprinkler system? No problem! In fact, you likely don’t need an irrigation system here in the Twin Cities Metro Area if you’re already properly following recommended best management practices for your lawn. But be sure check out our teaching table featuring different turfgrass and weed samples. Learn the unique traits about cool-season turfgrass species and which species are best for certain situations such as shaded areas or slow-draining soils. Also learn how cultural practices such as irrigation, mowing, fertilization, and aeration impact turfgrass water requirements and how these practices can help reduce weed pressures in your lawn. If you do have any specific questions about weeds, diseases, or other strange phenomena in your lawn, bring some high-quality photos along with you, or even better, a live sample of the weed or diseased turf so we could help you properly identify your pest issue(s).

So as you plan out your trip for fun at the fair, be sure to visit us and learn how you can reduce maintenance and input demands while keeping your lawn healthy and green. We hope to see you at the fair!