New research publications from our team - 11/12/20

Learn more about our research! Two new research articles from our group have been published in Crop Science. Florence Sessoms and Eric Watkins have published an article on heat stress in cool season turfgrasses, and Dominic Petrella and Eric Watkins have published an article on the differences in shade responses in the fine fescues.

Both these articles are Open Access, meaning that online access is free to everyone. Below we also have listed previous blog posts from our site on the same topics. Visit our Research Publications page for even more research articles by our group.

Research publications

Breuillin‐Sessoms, F. and E. Watkins. 2020. Performance of multiple turfgrass species during prolonged heat stress and recovery in a controlled environment. Crop Science 60(6):3344-3361. [Open Access]

Petrella, D.P. and E. Watkins. 2020. Variation in fine fescue taxa response to simulated foliar shade. Crop Science 60(6):3377-3394. [Open Access]

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