UMN Les Bolstad Golf "PARK"

By Parker Anderson

Monday, July 17, 2017

In May of 2017, Kelly Uhrich, presented her capstone project titled “The University of Minnesota Les Bolstad Golf Park”. The presentation represented the culmination of her work towards a masters degree in landscape architecture. The project envisioned an alternative future for the University of Minnesota Les Bolstad Golf Course, considered an underutilized university asset in Kelly’s opinion. The “golf park” designed additional uses and values into the business of the golf course. Things like pollinator habitat, wetland restoration, community park space, educational opportunities, and gathering spaces were all tied into the golf course so that a golfer could still have a great golfing experience while also allowing for the golf course to engage a variety of other stakeholders and users, and therefore increase the value that space provides to the community. Enjoy the VIDEO.