Florence Sessoms

Different shade, different results

By Dominic Petrella

It is a common misconception that turfgrasses respond the same to neutral and foliar shade conditions. However, this is not true, and even some of the best turfgrasses for shady areas exhibit contrasting growth under these different types of shade. Let’s define the two types of shade:

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University of Minnesota Grass Seed Field Day

By Eric Watkins

Thu, 08/22/2019 - 12:12

Drought tolerance of consumer-available seed mixtures

By Florence Sessoms

The presence of lawns in urban environments is sometimes viewed negatively: too many chemical inputs that result in environmental pollution. I also have observed a popular misconception about irrigation on home lawns: irrigation is compared to the Danaides’ barrel (Figure 1), a bottomless pit where water is forever added and lost.  However, lawns can provide tremendous ecosystems services such as decreased soil erosion, absorption of dust and particle pollution, reduced heat island effect, and increased mental and physical human health.

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University of Minnesota Turfgrass team in the media 2/18/19

Check out our team’s latest efforts in educating the public about our work!  We have a podcast and several upcoming presentations at regional conferences.

Parker Anderson was featured on the Frankly Speaking podcast on 02/11/2019. He discussed the Science of the Green Initiative, a research partnership between the USGA and the University of Minnesota, and the sustainability of golf. 

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Turfgrass Science Team posters from the 2018 ASA & CSSA Annual Meeting

The Turfgrass Science team at the University of Minnesota was well-represented at this year’s ASA and CSSA Annual Meeting held on November 4-7, 2018 in Baltimore, MD. Read on for a summary of the wide variety of topics covered by our researchers and be sure to check out the links with the full poster content.

A novel inoculation technique for integrating the endophyte Epichloe festucae into perennial ryegrass

By Garett Heineck, Brooke Ashbrenner, Michael Miller and Eric Watkins

Fri, 12/07/2018 - 09:13

University of Minnesota Turfgrass team in the media 11/12/18

Check out our team’s latest efforts in educating the public about our work.  We have a seminar recording, a podcast and an upcoming golf industry seminar from the MGCSA!

Florence Sessoms presented a seminar titled Unraveling Regulation of Soil Nitrification (recording available here) for the Department of Soil, Water, and Climate's Fall Seminar Series

WCCO’s Smart Gardens October 27 podcast features Jon Trappe and Julie Weisenhorn who answer listeners' questions on gardening and lawns

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Registration now open - TURF & GROUNDS FIELD DAY

The TURF & GROUNDS FIELD DAY is back on the St. Paul campus this year as the University of Minnesota once again partners with the Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation to produce this popular event at TROE Center and UFore Nursery.

MAKE PLANS TO JOIN US ON THURS., AUG. 9 for outdoor education presented by University of Minnesota faculty and staff working in turfgrass science, horticulture and forestry. The Field Day will run from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., with presentation topics ranging from turfgrass species for natural areas to disease management in turf and trees. 

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