We asked real people about fake grass

By Michael Barnes

New research publication from our team - 1/5/22

Learn more about our research! A new article from our group has been published in the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. This research found that park users have a preference for natural turfgrass lawns and are more hesitant to use artificial turfgrass lawns, which has implications for decision-makers choosing between these two options. 

Barnes, M.R. and E. Watkins. 2022. Differences in likelihood of use between artificial and natural turfgrass lawns. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Vol 37, March 2022, 100480.

Looking for lawns!

green residential lawn with several white clover flowers

Smart Irrigation Month

By Dan Sandor

University of Minnesota Turfgrass team in the media 10/15/18

Check out our team’s latest efforts in educating the public about our work.  We have a podcast, a Yard and Garden post and a newly-revised Extension article!

WCCO’s Smart Gardens October 13 podcast features Jon Trappe, Mary Meyer and Jared Gamm who answer listeners' questions on gardening and lawns

UMN Extension's Yard and Garden blog features a post - Should I mulch? Or bag my leaves this fall? - by Jon Trappe

Which fine fescue should you use?

By Eric Watkins

I often get asked what I’d recommend for a good fine fescue mixture for Minnesota. I usually recommend a mixture of the three fine fescue species that are most readily available: hard, Chewings, and strong creeping red. The tricky part is determining the final components of a fine fescue mixture that will result in a high-performing turf.