Ice melt

Melting Ice on Putting Greens

Dr. Kevin W. Frank, Michigan State University

Andrew Hollman, Dr. Brian Horgan, & Sam Bauer, University of Minnesota

Minimize Turf Damage From Salt This Winter, Josh Friell Explains….

By Josh Friell, Ph.D Student, Turfgrass Science

Adapting to Extreme Weather

Last year’s heat and drought and this year’s late spring have added extra stress to lawns.

With buds finally starting to bloom on trees in the southern part of Minnesota and ice still stubbornly floating around on lakes in the north, it’s a good time to take stock of a strange year of weather and its effect on our lawns and vegetation.

To rehash the recent weather history that many of us may be trying to repress, we had an exceedingly wet and warm spring in 2012, followed by a summer and fall of extreme heat and certifiable drought. That took a toll on grass and trees—not to mention crops—all around the state.

Melting Ice at the TROE

By Sam Bauer