Welcome Spring

April 8, 2014

by Sam Bauer

It’s that moment we’ve been waiting for all winter.  Only a couple of snow piles left.  Lawns starting to green up.  All of this bottled up excitement from four long winter months is ready to burst in the form of fertilizing, mowing, seeding…..all that fun yard work.  Yes, I said fun yard work.  Spring is a time of the year when lawn care enthusiasts and turf geeks get really charged up.  I’m so excited that I even gave the shed door an extra hard shut this year after putting the snow blower away, and I have absolutely no intention of looking at that thing again for the next eight months.  It’s lawn care season now! 

Finally, spring is here and lawn care is just around the corner.  It’s still a bit early to get out the mower and fertilizer spreader, but be sure to start thinking your lawn care program for this season.  For some of you this might mean planting and encouraging lower maintenance species in your landscapes.  For others, lawn rehabilitation might be required after the roller coaster ride that mother nature has had us on over the last couple of years.  

University of Minnesota Extension’s resources are a great place to start when considering lawn care.  Here are a couple sites to have a look at:

Lawn Care and Turfgrass Management: www.extension.umn.edu/turfgrass

Yard and Garden News: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/efans/ygnews/

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series: http://www.sustland.umn.edu/

Please feel free to email or call with any questions related to lawn care and turfgrass management: sjbauer@umn.edu, 763-767-3518.  We look forward to a most excellent growing season and wish you all a happy spring.