Join the Turfgrass Science Team at Northern Green

Several members of our team will be giving talks at Northern Green, a trade show and conference dedicated to green industry professionals.  Register now for this worthwhile event!

Northern Green
January 15–17, 2019
Minneapolis Convention Center

This year’s presentations from our team include:

University of Minnesota Turf Research Update

By Brian Horgan and Eric Watkins
16 January, 7:30 AM

Brian Horgan and Eric Watkins will update you on the latest projects being conducted at the Turfgrass Research, Outreach, and Education (TROE) Center and in field settings throughout the state. Topics will include MGCSA Member-Driven Research, low-input turfgrass species, cultivar evaluations results, breeding for winter hardiness, bee lawns, new approaches to turfgrass improvement, improving shade tolerance in grasses, roadside turfgrass research, fate and transport of nutrients and pesticides, and the Science of the Green Initiative.

Drought Resistant Turfgrasses and Management

By Andrew Hollman
16 January, 2:20 PM

With the increase in variable weather patterns, the upper Midwest is seeing an increase in temperature and duration without rainfall. As turfgrass managers, how can we reduce our water use through proper turfgrass selection and management of our sites? This session will discuss differences in species' water use and the importance of proper mowing and irrigation to help turfgrass survive periods of drought.

The Weather Sucks and So Does Your Grass. Strategies for Managing Harsh Weather
(as part of the Master Class on Weather and the Urban Landscape)

By Dominic Petrella
15 January, 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

This session will focus on changes in turfgrass growth/physiology that occur during environmental stress, and will cover management practices that may help improve turfgrass growth during stressful climatic conditions.