New research publication from our team - 7/12/22

Learn more about our research! A new, open access article by Yiqun Xie, Majid Farhadloo, Ning Guo, Shashi Shekhar, Eric Watkins, Len Kne, Han Bao, Aaron Patton, and Kevin Morris has been published in the International Turfgrass Society Research Journal. This journal article discusses the design and creation of a relational database to store data from the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program and to support efficient queries on turfgrass cultivars and experimental selections. To try the database out, please visit the Turfgrass Trial Explorer webpage.

Xie, Y, M. Farhadloo, N. Guo, S. Shekhar, E. Watkins, L. Kne, H. Bao, A.J. Patton, and K. Morris. 2022. NTEP-DB 1.0: A relational database for the national turfgrass evaluation program. Int Turfgrass Soc Res J. 14: 316332.