Still Time to Sign Up for the 2013 School of Turfgrass Management

January 4, 2013

by Sam Bauer

Extension - Turfgrass ScienceWe have extended the registration deadline for those of you interested in attending the School of Turfgrass Management from January 30th to February 1st, 2013.  To sign up, complete and send in the registration form below.  Online email registrations and credit card payments will also be accepted, send to:

About the School– The School of Turfgrass Management provides 24 hours of intensive, in-depth training in the biology, ecology, and cultural management of turfgrass.  Technical information will be presented in lecture settings on the basic applications of turfgrass management applicable to golf course management, lawn care, athletic field management, and sod production.  That knowledge will be integrated into hands-on case studies where attendees will work together to solve problems related to the lecture material.  

The Goal– The School of Turfgrass Management is designed to provide a basic foundation of turfgrass training for individuals with no formal education in turfgrass management or for those who desire a refresher. 

Who Should Attend– Turfgrass professionals of all skill levels will benefit from this school; however, it will be particularly useful for individuals entering the turfgrass industry, as well as professionals who have been in the industry for many years and lack formal training.

School instructors include faculty and staff from the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

School of Turfgrass Management Registration Form (.pdf)