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In previous years we’ve offered the MTGF and U of MN Turfgrass Field Day here on campus at the Turfgrass Research, Outreach, and Education Center.  This year we are trying something different by offering the Field Day Virtually.  Through the efforts of our team here in the Turfgrass Science Program, and with the help of the University of Minnesota Extension, we have put together a great lineup of short (3-5 min) videos from our educators and students.  These videos will be made available to you daily (one per day) starting on September 17th, and ending on October 1st.

photo of lawnThere has recently been much discussion regarding the potential of no-mow grasses for use in home lawn settings.  That brings the question, “exactly what are no-mow grasses?”  Seed mixtures labeled as no-mow generally contain at least three species of fine fescues.  In the fine fescue category, there are several species opt

When is the last time that you volunteered for a golf tournament? Here’s a video through the eyes of a volunteer (myself) at the TPC Twin Cities for the 2012 3M Championship. Thanks to Roger Stewart, Alex Stuedemann, Mark Michalski, and the TPC Twin Cities staff for an experience to remember. Enjoy....

It was windy yesterday at the TROE Center!  Here are some tips for choosing seed for your home lawn this fall………..



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