2012 Virtual Field Day

Thank you for joining us for the 2012 Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation and University of Minnesota Virtual Field Day. Please find the schedule of presentations below. Each video seminar will be released according to the schedule, with a link provided next to the title. Included with each video will be a study description, additional links, contact information, and a short survey. Please be sure to take a minute to complete the survey, which will help us refine the virtual field day format and production in the future. Please take advantage of this information and contact us with any questions or comments.

After viewing the Virtual Field Day, please take 5 minutes to complete this survey to help us direct Field Days in the future:



9/17/2012: Josh Friell – Salt Tolerant Grasses for Roadsides

9/18/2012: Andy Hollman – Using Glyphosate to Control Annual and Perennial Grassy Weeds in Fine Fescue Mixtures

9/19/2012: Eric Watkins I – Developing Fine Fescues for Low-Input Lawns

9/20/2012: Maggie Reiter – Fine Fescues for Use on Golf Course Fairways

9/21/2012: Sam Bauer – A Time and Place for Tall Fescue

9/24/2012: Michelle Grabowski I – White Mold I: Disease Identification & Management

9/25/2012: Michelle Grabowski II – White Mold II: Identification of resistant Cultivars for use in White Mold Infested Beds

9/26/2012: Craig Krueger – Benefits of Rolling Putting Greens

9/27/2012: Eric Watkins II – Turfgrasses for Minnesota Lawns

9/28/2012: Sam Bauer – Home Lawn Species Conversion: The Easy Approach

10/1/2012: Eric Koeritz – Ryegrass Improvement Studies

10/2/2012: Mary Meyer – Five Tough Native Grasses

2012 Virtual Field Day Introduction

In previous years we’ve offered the MTGF and U of MN Turfgrass Field Day here on campus at the Turfgrass Research, Outreach, and Education Center. This year we are trying something different by offering the Field Day Virtually. Through the efforts of our team here in the Turfgrass Science Program, and with the help of the University of Minnesota Extension, we have put together a great lineup of short (3-5 min) videos from our educators and students. These videos will be made available to you daily (one per day) starting on September 17th, and ending on October 1st.

Please view this video introduction to the Virtual Field Day by Associate Professor and Extension Turfgrass Specialist Dr. Brian Horgan. As this is our first attempt at offering the Field Day in a virtual format, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated to help direct Field Days in the future. Thank you for your time and we look forward to presenting the Virtual Field Day to you.

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