Ryan Schwab

September 24, 2018

by Ryan Schwab

A rising trend in golf course management is the use of wetting agents in late fall to help turfgrass recovery in the spring. Earlier recovery may lead to earlier course opening dates, which is a possible advantage here in Minnesota with our short growing season and unpredictable winters that include freeze-thaw cycles, dry periods, and ice cover. All of these situations may increase the potential for winter damage and include a common factor: moisture. Wetting agents are great tools for managing soil moisture issues, so theoretically their influence on moisture in the fall, through winter, and early spring may reduce winter damage. Late fall wetting agent applications are common, but this practice is not well researched yet.

June 20, 2018

The TURF & GROUNDS FIELD DAY is back on the St. Paul campus this year as the University of Minnesota once again partners with the Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation to produce this popular event at TROE Center and UFore Nursery.

December 14, 2016