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by Dr. Brian Horgan 

July 23, 2012

With the extensive drought we’ve been going through in much of the Midwest, it becomes concerning to think that our lawns are not being watered as efficiently as they could be.  For homeowners with irrigation systems, some new technologies have hit the consumer market recently that will aid in water conservation and irrigation uniformity, ultimately increasing the health of your lawn and preserving our water resource.  Many of these products are designed to update current irrigation systems. 

Hello all,

As I write this, it is officially week two in my position as Extension Educator focusing on Turfgrass Science in the Urban Environment.  This position was previously held by Bob Mugaas, a man of whom I’m sure you all know well.  I’m excited to be taking over the reigns from Bob and I plan to work closely with Drs. Eric Watkins and Brian Horgan, bringing researched based information on Turfgrass Science to the industry and general public.


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